Outsourcing order fulfillment with Vareya

Outsourced order fulfillment refers to hiring a third party to manage some or all aspects of the order fulfillment process, including storing inventory, packaging items, and shipping orders.

While outsourcing may seem like a risky option, the company you outsource fulfillment to should be a true partner for your business, not just a transactional vendor.

While it might seem as more of a background process, the quality of your logistics is actually obvious to the consumer. Based on how quickly your shipment arrives, in what condition it arrives, and how occasional problems are handled, the buyer knows what kind of company they are dealing with.

This can put a huge strain on a company’s resources. Furthermore, it might take years to perfect the process. A solution that is getting ever more popular is outsourcing. By delegating this portion of your business to a professional fulfillment logistics company, you can guarantee premium service at a fraction of the cost and frustration.

How to outsource product fulfillment

When it comes to outsourced order fulfillment, there are many options. Here’s how to make sure you  find the right partner for your unique business.

1. Determine your needs

Before you choose a partner to outsource shipping to, be sure you fully think through all considerations, implications, and must-haves for your business’s unique needs.

  • Review your growth plans so you select a partner that will be scalable as your sales increase — from handling B2B orders to having international shipping capabilities.
  • Know your must-haves (besides pick, pack, and ship) to ensure you get a provider with the features you need — whether it’s kitting or refrigeration services — and understand how you will be charged for them.
  • Have a sense of your ideal timeline so you can plan accordingly depending on how long onboarding and receiving inventory takes.
  • Consider your branding needs and whether you need to ship orders in custom boxes or branded poly mailers vs. plain packaging.

2. Choose the right partner and relax!

Once you’ve made your selection, you can send your 3PL your inventory, sync your store(s) to their technology, and start having your orders fulfilled by them. When you outsource shipping, you can automate fulfillment and track the process from when an order is placed on your store until the package arrives at your customer’s doorstep.