Benefits of Vareya 3pl

3PL or TPL are the abbreviations for Third-Party Logistics. Third-Party Logistics denote the outsourcing of all logistics processes to another company. This includes things like warehousing, registration, packaging, transportation, delivery, and so on. Taking this approach has many advantages. But to keep it short, here are five.

  1. Reduced Cost
    Due to the size of available third party warehousing  and e-commerce fulfillment resources professional companies have at their disposal, prices will be significantly lower. This is particularly true for storage space. When renting your own warehouse, you pay a flat price regardless of the space you actually use. Quality logistics companies will bill you only for the space you use.
  2. Experience and Professionalism
    When taking on logistics on your own, you quickly face the problem of how much time it takes to establish a working operation. Professional logistics companies have a well-oiled process already established. All you have to do is sign up.
  3. Better Transport Options
    Large logistics companies usually have access to modes of transport and delivery that you wouldn’t be able to use yourself. That can mean internal shipping operations, or special deals with shipping companies. The main reason for that is the sheer volume of goods they transport on a regular basis. By consolidating shipments they are able to get better deals.
  4. Technological Innovations
    From warehouse management software to shipment tracking, a good logistics company has a plethora of technological innovations that make things run smoother. You can reap this benefit without having to invest into expensive software and technology.
  5. Reduced Risk
    Logistics companies will usually provide you with insurance for your goods. Those insurances can cover everything from natural catastrophes to theft. And the best ones also handle returns, minimizing your losses.