Why CCO Fulfilment

CCO Fulfilment is a fulfillment center that fulfills ecommerce orders for B2C and B2B. Our mission is to make you more succesful by providing the best services

e-fulfillment process

Our e-fulfillment process service support our clients  from point of sales inquiry to delivery of a product to the customer.


receiving your goods and label it then organize it in our storage

Order Picking

with WMS we can locate the product that been ordered

Order Packing

Packaging the product with a professional presentation

Order Shipping

The product is picked, packed,it’s ready to be shipped out to the customer


it’s essential for an online brand to have a return option, with fast process we return it to the WMS

Customer Service

Professional customer service is essential for your positive brand feedback

Save your team 120 hours per week

Reduce your cart abandonment rate by 18%

Bring 13% cost savings to your bottom line

International Shipping with Vareya

Vareya Service has been the trusted name in eCommerce order fulfillment as a result of our commitment to first-rate service, and flexible, straightforward terms

Outsourcing order fulfillment with Vareya

Outsourced order fulfillment refers to hiring a third party to manage some or all aspects of the order fulfillment process, including storing inventory, packaging items, and shipping orders.

Benefits of Vareya 3pl

3PL or TPL are the abbreviations for Third-Party Logistics. Third-Party Logistics denote the outsourcing of all logistics processes to another company.

Fulfillment center in europe

Using fulfillment centers in Europe can have enormous benefits for you and your business. The most obvious one is that by opting to delegate fulfillment, you have a lot more time and resources that you can use to expand your business