Is It Time To Upgrade Your Warehouse Inventory Management System?

There are times when companies experience telltale problems with their warehouse inventory management system. One such obvious instance is when your warehouse inventory management system is unreliable or unstable, there are technical problems, maintenance issues, lack of timely support, poor documentation and simply inefficient operations that have no place in the present day and context. Systemic issues are always hard to address, especially when the symptoms of problems are subtle and not as obvious as some outdated or obsolete software. You will need to upgrade your warehouse inventory management system from time to time. Here are some red flags that should propel you to choose a major overhaul or to completely switch to another system.

• If your customers are not being served the way you intend to then something is amiss. You may have customers asking for some specific information pertaining to the available stock and your support staff may not have the answer. Most support associates would take a few moments to obtain the necessary information but if it is not available even after two minutes of frantic searching using the warehouse inventory management system, then it is no longer relevant or utilitarian.

Your warehouse inventory management system should be able to support your operations, regardless of how complex it is and how fast it is growing. You might be operating several locations, you may make your website or online store available in various languages, you might be selling across countries and hence would need support for major currencies and you will also need different units of measurement for relevant reference for your customers. The warehouse inventory management system must be able to cater to all these complexities and more.

• The warehouse inventory management system should also work seamlessly with your supply chain. No matter how complicated your supply chain is, your system cannot fail to handle multiple queries, there should be real time updates and every relevant department should be able to access the same latest information at the same time. From transactions to order processing, stock availability to clearance, everything should work in perfect synergy and the system must facilitate this.

• If finances are veering out of control, if cash flow is an issue or the accounting model you are using is no longer helpful, if there is no support for omnichannel retailing or fulfillment, if the inventory is in disarray, if there are integration problems among various business processes and if there are quite a few or many manual processes, then you should upgrade your warehouse inventory management system or opt for a better one.