Three Simple Systems to Improve Cross Channel Order Fulfillment

Cross channel order fulfillment has its share of challenges but none are beyond a systemic solution. It is no secret that efficient and seamless cross channel order fulfillment enhances the shopping experience, which facilitates customer satisfaction. All retailers rely on customer loyalty and only a satiating shopping experience can secure it, time and again. The specific products one buys will change with time, so would the prices and the deals available. What remains constant is the association of the customers with the brand. Regardless of the size and scope of a business, cross channel order fulfillment demands a sense of uniformity across the different channels.

The eventual objective is to sale, to convert that potential customer, one who for some reason chooses not to buy and to ensure the customers, who have purchased once, do so again. Here are three simple systems to improve cross channel order fulfillment that would help you achieve all these objectives and more.

• A retailer must have an online presence, regardless of the expanse of their brick and mortar setups. The combination of online and offline purchases work really well. There are many shoppers who are not inclined to pay the shipping & handling charges. They would rather be at a store and pick up their goods to save on shipping fees. This doesn’t have to come at the cost of an online shopping experience. Customers can be encouraged to buy online and they can pick up their goods at the nearest store. Cross channels are pivotal to ensuring there is a widespread retail presence of the brand to facilitate such pickups.

• A return following an online purchase doesn’t have to be a dead end. Companies should try and initiate the practice of returns at the nearest store. Hassle free return is one of the prerequisites of online shopping, something every customer wants to be assured of just in case they don’t like what they buy or get. If the return is facilitated at the store, there is a greater chance of an exchange. A customer can be influenced to a large extent to try something else in exchange of the returned good than simply having them return the item by mail.

• Every retailer should consider accepting orders for out of stock items which can be delivered from the nearest fulfillment store. This is one of the integral advantages of cross channel order fulfillment, provided all departments work with seamless efficiency and the customer is not left wanting at any stage.