Why Order Fulfilment Depends Heavily On Demand Sensing & Shaping

In order to succeed in order fulfilment for your business, it is essential that you master demand management. For example, whether you store your entire inventory in one place or in batches across different locations; understanding the demand on your company and shaping your processes around these demands are essential.

What Is Demand Sensing?

Demand sensing in basic terms is analysing sales over a period of time and ascertaining a pattern to better understand when your products will be in demand and when to expect sales to drop slightly. Demand sensing is essential, particularly for companies that offer seasonal products. This sounds like a simple task, but with the ever-growing channels companies are utilising to reach as many people as possible; it can become quite complicated. Once you have made sense of the data available to you, you can utilise it for more streamlined order fulfilment.

What Is Data Shaping?

Unlike data sensing, data shaping is a more holistic approach to better understanding your order fulfilment requirements. Rather than simply look at sales at a top level, break these down into short term and immediate goals to better understand your customers behaviour. This will help towards the planning of any future promotions etc.

Why Are These Important?

Data sensing and shaping helps to better understand customer behaviour and should be utilised by everyone in the company. From the sales team to the marketing department, this is not simply a post-sales process but more an on-going process that should be understood and utilised by every department in your business as it will have an impact on other phases of your company’s cycle.