Make your returns management system flow smoothly

When you are working in sales, you are going to have customers that are going to return a product that they have purchased. There are many reasons for this, but regardless of if the item doesn’t fit right or it’s the wrong color, when a customer returns an item, you will need to make sure that your employees are not losing time on this return. In order to do this, you will want to focus on 3 key areas.

1. How fast can you return it?

The more time that is involved in a return, the less time your employee will have to focus on other customers that are looking to spend money at your location. Make sure that your employees that are handling a return have the right tools to label and process the return in a way that meets the needs of the customer, but also allows the employee to keep the process as short as possible.

2. How well can you see what you need to know about the product being returned?

If you have to spend time figuring out what a product is before it can be return, then you are going to lose time with paying customer. In order to avoid this, make sure that there is a clear way to locate the information of every item in your inventory so that you can track down the items without having to waste billable time on research.

3. Are you in control of the return?

When you have returns, you want to make sure that your returns management system is set up in order to allow the employee to have a clear idea of what the customer will need to have to process the return, but also how to find out what the supplier wants to have happen to the product after it has been returned. Another part of this process is making sure that there is some processing of why the return happened and how you could avoid this from happening in the future. If you can avoid one return, that is one less return that will hinder your ability to assist paying customers. If you focus on improving your returns management system, then you will find that you will decrease returns as well as improve customer sanctification going forward in your business. This process is worth your efforts