The Four Pillars of Any Worthwhile Stock Clearance Service

There is a dearth of stock clearance service if you want to dispose of a substantial bulk of goods and with utmost discreetness. Not too many companies would be able to acquire a large inventory, and specialisation would always be the issue in such a niche. At a time when many companies are compelled to mass produce for cost benefits, stringent regulations compel enterprises to dispose certain stocks before they are rendered unworthy of sale to consumers and various other factors. This is why it is quintessential to have a reliable stock clearance service on standby. You should at least have a shortlist so when the time is right you can swing into action without losing precious time.

Here are the four pillars of any worthwhile stock clearance service.

• Expertise will always be the first criterion. Not every stock clearance service will be able to acquire all kinds of goods. It is not just about perishable and non-perishable goods, albeit that remains a huge differentiating factor. From apparel to consumer electronics, processed goods to tools and equipment, the spectrum is as vast as it is diverse. Unless a company has enough expertise in dealing with a particular type of goods, it is futile to even consider their stock clearance service.

• Endgame is the second criterion. Not every stock clearance service has the same objective. Some require disposing of a part of the inventory, some require the entire inventory to be circulated through the network while being completely discreet and some have outright sales to various parties down the line. Whatever is the objective, the stock clearance service must specialise in it. This is particularly important for products that are not among the fast-moving consumer goods, where the market is concise, and demand is limited.

• Expedited service is necessary for most companies. Stock clearance service has to be timed well, especially when there are best before and use by dates. Best before dates are more about the quality of the products. Use by dates are about the safety of the products. Both have their relevance and significance that can only be upheld when stock clearance service is expedited.

• Equitable value is the fourth pillar of any worthwhile stock clearance service. Every company acquiring a substantial stock or inventory will work on its profits, but the procurement cannot be exploitative for the business disposing off their goods.