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Carriage Management is as much about Technology as it is about Logistics

There has been a sea change in carriage management in the last twenty years. The advent and subsequent phenomenal popularity of eCommerce has transformed logistics like never before. Today, carriage management is as much about technology as it is about logistics, such as the physical infrastructure including warehousing, specialised services such as inventory management or order fulfilment and definitely the fleet of vehicles. Logistics has always relied on various technologies to remain relevant and efficient. Very little is left to chance and everything is planned extensively. Carriage management is no longer just about logistics. You could have the best warehousing practices and the most reliable order fulfilment centres, yet fail to live up to the expectations of the consumers. Continue reading Carriage Management is as much about Technology as it is about Logistics

Carriage management

There are a number of different ways to differentiate your business from your competitors when you are selling physical and tangible goods, and you’ll need to do everything you can to clearly separate yourself from the rest of your market if you are going to enjoy any real measure of success in business today.

We live in the midst of the most cutthroat business community that has ever existed. Your competitors are always just a click or two away online, and your customers understand that they have more choices today than they ever had previously. Drop the ball in any area or aspect of your business and it might spell curtains for your operation. Continue reading Carriage management